"Monkeys in your face" by Pete Woo

The work is a collection  of monkey  portraits. Part of a monkey anthology  book project called 'Monkeys in your face' and is a collection of monkey images and stories written by a mix of local  writers. Like dance and music, I hope that the combination of story and Image will be a way of transferring the present  human condition to a  post-humanist ‘Great Ape’.
This changes our perception of both ourselves and a possible future.

About Pete:

Pete is a successful illustrator with an off-beat, quirky style and strong links to the local comic industry. He is currently infatuated with monkeys and is working on a series of monkey portraits for a book. Pete studied at the Art Director’s Workshop and has a qualification in advertising. He is a versatile, commercial illustrator and busy caricature artist and was Head Illustrator for SupaStrika Entertainment for many years. He has taught and mentored many young comic artists entering the industry. His personal interests are comics, street art and character design, and he is also a musician. Pete sometimes work in acrylic on canvas but mainly creates digital fine art illustrations of imaginary characters.

To view more of Pete's work please visit:
www.instagram.com/pete_woo/ Or www.studiowoo.co.za

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