NEW HERITAGE GALLERY introduces Burnt by Jay Badenhorst

"Burnt" by jay badenhorst - after the fire

“Heat cannot be separated from fire, nor beauty from the eternal.” - Dante Alighieri

"The latest fire is fixed in my mind. I’m reminded by the sweat on my forehead, as the heat still emanates from the scorched earth against the forgotten emerald slopes. The searing inferno ravished the ground, leaving only a subtle balance of life and ruin in its wake. With my Nikon D90 in hand I continue along the blackened paths, looking down at my shoes which have not been spared by the charred remains and debris. I realize now my purpose here is to capture the enduring hope of nature as it starts to rebuild itself against a veil of darkness."

02 February - 28 February 2017


New Heritage Gallery is a window of opportunity to showcase contemporary art, photography, sculpture and mixed media.

New Heritage Gallery and the D'Vine Art Room by Shay Davis select and support emerging artists, locally and internationally, focusing on controversial and powerful pieces (but also offering gentler pieces) to enhance your lifestyle.

Please visit our Heritage Square, Cape Town city centre galleries to view these unique pieces. A work of art is an investment and a relationship; it needs to share your space and your lifestyle. Please browse through the portfolio for a small selection of the works on offer. Many pieces are not published, so please contact the gallery directly for a more comprehensive inventory.


Shay Davis scouts art fairs and ateliers locally and internationally bringing the most exclusive pieces of art to Cape Town's collectors. International, contemporary, and emerging art could well be a sound investment for your assets, now and in the future: La Vigne Rouge, by Van Gogh, was considered extremely modern, almost shocking, when it was sold for FF400 in 1890... it is now at the Pouchkine Museum in Moscow, and not sufficient space for all the zeros on the price tag. It was a risky gamble then, because it was too modern... but the buyer loved it on her wall! This should always be the real and initial motivation in acquiring a piece of art.


" Fulgurant" - Remy Pastor, France

J'aime Remy, en peinture " - Anne Reverdy, France

" New Heritage Gallery is the best " -Vincent Van Gogh, Arles